Single phase thirty one level inverter using only eight switches towards THD reduction

May 27, 2019

Abstract—This project proposes a single-phase thirty one level inverter with reduced switches, with a novel pulse width-modulated (PWM) control scheme. The Proposed multilevel inverter output voltage level increasing by using eight numbers of switches driven by the multicarrier modulation techniques. The inverter is capable of producing thirty one levels of output-voltage (Vdc, 14Vdc/15, 13Vdc/15, 12Vdc/15, 11Vdc/15, 10Vdc/15, 9Vdc/15, 8Vdc/15, 7Vdc/15, 6Vdc/15, 5Vdc/15, 4Vdc/15, 3Vdc/15, 2Vdc/15, Vdc/15,0, -Vdc/15,-2Vdc/15,-3Vdc/15,-4Vdc/15,-5Vdc/15,-6Vdc/15,-7Vdc/15,-8Vdc/15,-) 9Vdc/15,-10Vdc/15,-11Vdc/15,-12Vdc/15,-13Vdc/15,-14Vdc/15,-Vdc)from the dc supply voltage. This topology achieves very less THD with less number of switches. The proposed systemwas verified through MATLAB simulation.Keywords—Multi Carrier, THD, PWM, Symmetrical, MLI

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