The cooling mechanism of the air cooled engine is mostly dependent on the fin design of the cylinder head and block. Cooling fins are used to increase the heat transfer rate of specified surface. Engine life and effectiveness can be improved with effective cooling. The main aim of the project is to study and comparing with 100 cc Hero Honda Motorcycle fins and analyze the thermal properties by varying geometry, material and thickness. Parametric models of cylinder with fins have been developed to predict the transient thermal behavior. Presently Material used for manufacturing the models is aluminum alloy 6063 which has thermal conductivity of 200W/mk. We are analyzing the designed models by taking the thermal temperature of The energy transfers from the combustion chamber of an internal combustion engines are dissipate in three different ways. Transient thermal analyses were performed for actual and proposed design of engine cylinder in order to optimize geometrical parameters and enhanced heat transfer from the IC engine. Result revel that the proposed design of IC engine has better performance and heat transfer rate from the heating zone in the IC engine that is why the result of present work is more concentrate on it and also proposed replacement of new design by Using ANSYS 17.0 software.

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