This project propose, a securely precoded OFDM (SP-OFDM) system for efficient and reliable transmission under disguised jamming, where the jammer intentionally misleads the receiver by mimicking the characteristics of the authorized signal, and causes complete communication failure. More specifically, we bring off a dynamic constellation by introducing secure shared randomness between the legitimate transmitter and receiver, and hence break the symmetricity between the authorized signal and the disguised jamming. We analyze the channel capacities of both the traditional OFDM and SP-OFDM under hostile jamming using the arbitrarily varying channel (AVC) model. It is shown that the deterministic coding capacity of the traditional OFDM is zero under the worst disguised jamming. On the other hand, due to the secure randomness shared between the authorized transmitter and receiver, SP-OFDM can achieve a positive capacity under disguised jamming since the AVC channel corresponding to SP-OFDM is not symmetrizable. A remarkable feature of the proposed SP-OFDM scheme is that while achieving strong jamming resistance, it has roughly the same high spectral efficiency as the traditional OFDM system. The robustness of the proposed SP-OFDM scheme under disguised jamming is demonstrated through both theoretic and numerical analyses. This project is implemented with MATLAB software.

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