This project propose, the differential gears analyzed for vibration effect on whole system to optimize the life of the gears under different frequency in the platform of Ansys-14.0 with help of solid work modelling. In this analysis the gear housing also affected by vibration in casing that surrounds the gear box. The function of gear is to protect and provide a platform for gear transmission. It also provides supports for moving parts and protection from outside environmental condition. The differential couples, the propeller shaft to the pinion, which in turn runs on the ring gear of the differential & it also helps as reduction gearing. Hence will get subjected to vibration so it becomes necessary to evaluate the response of differential gear housing in such vibrations and also to find out there natural frequencies. This can be an important tool while designing the differential gear housing free from fatigue failures caused by the resonance. The design of the gear housing should incorporate a methodology for dealing with factors causing vibrations and to promote scientific means to minimize the effects of frequencies. This vibration analysis is done by using Ansys 14.0 software as a computational technique and validation.

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