The influence of automobile emissions and noise on the environment has become an increasingly serious problem. Particularly, exhaust system is known to be a predominant component of the automobile emissions and noise. Fortunately, over the last few decades, engine exhaust noise is controlled through the use of silencers or mufflers. Mufflers are installed within the exhaust system of most internal combustion engines. The muffler is engineered as an acoustic soundproofing device designed to reduce the loudness of the sound pressure created by the engine by way of acoustic quieting. We can install an aftermarket muffler when engine tuning in order to increase power output or reduce fuel consumption because of economic or environmental concerns. Here in this project we designed a muffler model by using solid works design software and done analysis by using various materials such as stainless steel, 2014 aluminum alloy and titanium alloy. We have done static analysis to find the maximum stresses and deformations of muffler and modal analysis to find natural frequencies and deformations induced in muffler these analyses are done in solid works simulation tool, various commands, different types of analysis and material properties are studied in this project.

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