The project proposes a new bridgeless buck-boost PFC with the use of the Active Virtual Ground (AVG) technique which is called Manitoba Rectifier. The proposed topology can convert the grid AC voltage to a wide range of voltage output within a single stage circuit. By using the simple structure and the bridgeless technique, an efficient system is able to be guaranteed. In addition, the proposed topology can maintain the noise of the Electromagnetic Interference at relative low level. Benefit from the AVG technique, a LC filter is generated at the input side of the proposed topology. The discontinuous input current is filtered out so that minimizes the differential mode noise generating to the grid. Also the filter capacitor helps to clamp the voltage ripple between the grid and the bus terminal; hence the leakage current in the rectifier is also able to be minimized in a small value. Finally, an efficient and low common mode system is built. The proposed topology is successfully implemented on an 800W prototype and the performance is experimentally verified which shows a good agreement with the theoretical knowledge.

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