Heart disease is one of the complex diseases and globally many people suffered from this disease. On time and efficient identification of heart disease plays a key role in healthcare, particularly in the field of cardiology. In this project, we proposed an efficient and accurate system to diagnosis heart disease and the system is based on machine learning techniques. The system is developed based on classification algorithms includes Support vector machine, Logistic regression, Artificial neural network, K-nearest neighbor, Naïve bays, and Decision tree while standard features selection algorithms have been used such as Relief, Minimal redundancy maximal relevance, Least absolute shrinkage selection operator and Local learning for removing irrelevant and redundant features. We also proposed novel fast conditional mutual information feature selection algorithm to solve feature selection problem. The features selection algorithms are used for features selection to increase the classification accuracy and reduce the execution time of classification system. Furthermore, the leave one subject out cross validation method has been used for learning the best practices of model assessment and for hyper parameter tuning. The performance measuring metrics are used for assessment of the performances of the classifiers. The performances of the classifiers have been checked on the selected features as selected by features selection algorithms. The experimental results show that the proposed feature selection algorithm (FCMIM) is feasible with classifier support vector machine for designing a high level intelligent system to identify heart disease. The suggested diagnosis system (FCMIM-SVM) achieved good accuracy as compared to previously proposed methods. Additionally, the proposed system can easily be implemented in healthcare for the identification of heart disease.

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