As we see there’s climb within the earth moving machine industries because the construction work is rapidly growing is understood through the high performance of construction machines. The project focuses on the tactic of digging forces required to dig the terrene for light duty construction work. These methods gives the force calculation and further it’s used for the completing the fatigue analysis to calculate fatigue lifetime of bucket and its failure. Further the work regarding the optimization of bucket to offer maximum fatigue life for the digging at the specified force conditions. An analytical approach provided for the static force analysis of excavator’s bucket. The aim of the project is to enhance excavator bucket life by optimizing the planning and its design parameters. Firstly, data collection going to be done. In the next step excavator bucket model will be generated for further study in FEM software. In the next step load calculations will be done to utilize the load value in FEM software. In the next step transient analysis going to be done to find failure locations. Model parameters will be modified by using optistruct method. Then analysis will be conducted on modified model.

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