Our aim is to design and fabricate a manually pushed lawn mower model of simple mechanism and low cost. A large pulley will be coupled to the driving wheel. A smaller pulley will be joined with the larger pulley through a belt drive. A bevel gear pair will transmit power from the smaller pulley to the cutting blades. In our seminar we fabricate the grass cutting machine for the use of agricultural field, to cut the crops in the field. This is a new innovative concept mainly used in agricultural field. It is simple in construction and its working is easy. The components that are used are motor, gear arrangement, cam, chain and sprocket, lead screw, wheel, control unit. Below the gear arrangement cutting blade is fixed. When the motor starts running by the use of power supply, the shaft also rotates and that rotates the gear arrangement which is coupled with the motor. As the gear arrangement rotates the cam arrangement, it operates the sickle bar which tends to cut the plants or crops. The sickle bar has one is fixed cutter and another one is movable cutter which is placed on it. The whole set up is placed on a movable base which has a wheel arrangement.

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