In an internal combustion engine of the reciprocating type the oil pan is the housing of the crankshaft. The enclosure forms the largest cavity in the engine and is located below the cylinder(s) which in a multi cylinder engine are usually integrated in to one or several cylinder blocks. Oil pan is located at the bottom of engine. It is used to store the engine oil. Oil will be pumped to the engine from the oil pan when required. In this project modeling of oil pan used in submarine engine will be done. The aim of the project is to model Oil pan using CAD software, designing a Casting Tool by selecting a suitable casting manufacturing process and Generate CNC program by using CAM software for the same and reduction of weight will be done at unnecessary areas for casting tool. Initially data will be collected to design mould tool and for the conditions of analysis. In next stage a model will be generated using pro-engineer for further study. Mould design calculations will be done to model the mould assembly. After mould preparation structural analysis will be conducted by comparing the suitable material selection for oil pan to optimize the die structure for weight reduction. Modeling, tool design and manufacturing (CNC) will be done using pro/engineer software.

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