CNC is a Computerised Numerical Control machine which is widely used in today’s major industries to increase the production rate and thus the profit. It makes utilisation of latest electronic and software developments to bring automation along with ease of being operated in less time. Thus, high degree of advancement in machine comes with very high cost thus increases the capital cost. It is sometimes impossible for start-ups & small scale industries to afford them. This project aims to design and fabricate an automatic vertical drilling machine for point to point drilling in wooden planks. The system consists of two main parts: a mechanical setup that can move in X, Y and Z directions, and a software program that controls overall operation of the whole system. We show that our system successfully performs both of the above tasks. Operator would put coordinates of proposed holes in the given graphical window on computer. The drilling machine will travel to the respective coordinates with lead screw mechanism which is driven by stepper motor, being controlled by Arduino Mega microcontroller. This projct emphasises on implementation and testing of suitable mechanism and software to bring automation and accuracy with negligible cost. It also enables lesser skilled operators to create components using CNC mechanism.

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