The piston is a heart of the engine and its working condition is the most exceedingly bad one of the key parts of the engine in the workplace. A piston is a segment of responding piston, responding pumps, gas compressors and pneumatic chambers, among other comparative systems. It is the moving part that is contained by a barrel and is made gas-tight by piston rings. In a piston, its motivation is to exchange force from growing gas in the barrel to the crankshaft through a piston bar and additionally associating pole connecting rod. In this study, firstly, thermal analyses are investigated on a piston, made of Cast Aluminium alloy and titanium alloy. Then, structural analyses are performed on piston of titanium alloy & Aluminium alloy material by means of using ANSYS workbench. The effects of thermal behaviours of the pistons are investigated. The main objective is to investigate and analyse the thermal stress distribution of piston at the real engine condition during combustion process. This work advancement by utilizing finite element analysis to anticipate the higher stress and critical area are on the component. In order to find the displacement, thermal and stress appropriation of the piston, ANASYS software is utilized to analyse the piston under the thermal loads and mechanical loads. The outcomes are demonstrated that the temperature conveyance happens on the top point of the piston when the piston under the thermal load and the best stress happens on the piston stick when the piston under the heat structure coupling.

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