In this project propose, a design procedure and results of a paper shredder machine. A detailed study of various parts of shredder machine like stand (frame), transmission system and cutting system are made and designed separately. Study of paper shredder machine included the machine elements which convert manual existing system to automatic system. Paper shredder machine is a mechanical device which is used to cut the paper into chad, typically either strips or fine particles. We are making this project model for recycling of paper wastage(important documents, personal information like social security number, account number, credit card application and other personal information) in domestic area, industrial area etc. in this areas the paper waste is present in large quantity. But the available machines used to recycle this waste are costly. So our intension behind this project is to process the paper waste as cheap as possible by shredding. Benefits of this machine are the reduction of labor work which results in cost reduction and also reduction in time for shredding operation of paper. So we are going to design this for shred the paper waste, with the help of blades.

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