Development of a ZVT-PWM Buck Cascaded Buck–Boost PFC Converter of 2 kW With the Widest Range of Input Voltage

May 27, 2019

This paper describes the development of a new buck cascaded buck-boost power factor correction (PFC) converter of 2 kW with a soft-switching technique. For its wide range of input voltage, it operates in both buck and boost modes. The parameters are properly selected to endure voltage and current stress in all operating ranges. In addition, the electromagnetic interference (EMI) filter is used to reduce the EMI noise and guarantee continuous input current in buck operation. Moreover, the zero-voltage-transient pulse-width-modulation (ZVT-PWM) method is applied to improve the overall efficiency of the converter. The performance of the proposed PFC converter with the widest range of input voltage is evaluated by the hardware experimental test including harmonics analysis based on the International Electrotechnical Commission standard in all operating ranges. Also, the variations of power factor are theoretically analyzed in both buck and boost modes to determine the widest input range of the proposed PFC converter of 2 kW with an EMI filter. These are strongly required to commercialize it in practice. Finally, the efficiency of proposed PFC converter is compared with that of a conventional buck cascaded buck-boost PFC converter under various conditions.

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