A Comprehensive Design and Optimization of the DM EMI Filter in a Boost PFC Converter

May 27, 2019
This paper presents a systematic and comprehensive approach for differential mode (DM) electromagnetic interference (EMI) filter design in a three-phase boost-type power factor correction (PFC) rectifier. Since the DM EMI filter forms a significant portion of the overall filter as well as converter volume, the reduction of DM filter component size is kept as a major objective in the filter design process in order to improve the power density. In addition to the objectives of volume optimization and conducted emission attenuation requirement to comply with the EMI standard, the filter design process also ensures a near-unity power factor operation with the optimal set of EMI filter parameters. To accomplish this, the paper analyzes the effect of EMI filter component selection on the overall lower order (1-100 kHz) frequency response, which is important for evaluating the dynamic response and stability. The results from the proposed design approach are validated through simulation, the DM Bode plot, and frequency response of the input current with and without EMI filter. As a proof-of-concept verification, the proposed EMI filter is implemented in a 4-kW three-phase boost-PFC prototype, which demonstrates minimal phase displacement (<;5°) of the input current.

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